NEW: Melody Reunion DVD

I've just put together an amazing DVD of two segments from Japanese "Where Are They Now" TV shows which reunited Tracy Hyde and Mark Lester. It's fascinating and entertaining viewing for true fans of Melody and Tracy & Mark

What's on the DVD?

The first TV show was filmed in 1994

The show first tracked down and interviewed Mark Lester. Tracy was harder to find, they ran ads in trade newspapers, contacted modeling agencies even spoke with neighbors in her home town before getting the lead they needed.

Some of the things you'll see in the first segment are:

  • An interview with Mark at his clinic in London
  • Some modeling photos of Tracy from 1986
  • An interview with an old friend of Tracy
  • Video of Tracy's childhood home and bedroom
  • How they learned that Tracy was living in France.
  • Mark joining the show as they travel to France
  • Travel into the French countryside searching for Tracy's home
  • Finally Tracy (age 35) appears holding her youngest child
  • You'll see her husband and other children
  • You'll see her farm and horses.
  • Then Mark makes his surprise entrance and they meet again for the first time in 15 years
  • They discuss Jack Wild and his plans for Melody 2
  • They chat about their memories of filming Melody with a surprising piece of info about the famous train handcart scene at the end of the movie
  • Mark reminds Tracy of the apple scene in the cemetery which leads to a very funny part of the show where they re-enact that scene

The second show was filmed in 1999 and I actually helped in a small way. The producers of the show contacted me to learn how they could get in contact with Mark and Tracy.

Some of the things you'll see on the second segment are:

  • Again, Mark is contacted first. They visit his clinic and the show's host has Mark work on him for a while. He gets a spine manipulation and some acupuncture.
  • Mark demonstrates some karate moves
  • We get to see Mark's wife and four children
  • Mark answers the question - "Was there any romance between you and Tracy during the filming?"
  • Mark calls Tracy on the phone to arrange a meeting. This time in London.
  • Tracy arrives and shows a photo of her new husband and her children.
  • They reminisce on the filming of Melody
  • The host asks if they would consider a remake of Melody
  • They re-enact the amusement park scene
  • Tracy gets a big fright in the House of Horrors

The two TV shows are combined onto one "region free" DVD which will play in any country.

Please Note: Both of these rare shows were made for Japanese TV. While the TV hosts speak in Japanese, the audio of Tracy and Mark is in English. It's very easy to follow along.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this wonderful DVD I urge you to act fast as only a limited number are being produced.

Order your copy of the Melody Reunion DVD today for just US$15

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