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June 2001 Moved website to its own domain - TracyHyde.net
This has resulted in much faster performance and less downtime. The move was made possible by a donation from a loyal fan named Darren.

Many broken links have been fixed and errors corrected, but if you find any others please let me know.

new10.gif (2109 bytes) Mar 17th 2001 Added an MP3 of the Wondermints song "Tracy Hide"
Mar 6th 2001 Added video clip of Tracy & Mark's 1999 Reunion
Jun 10th 1999 Added Maps of Cheam and Villers Bocage
May 16th 1999 Added reviews from New York, Cue, Newsday & Film Facts.
Added a recording of Tracy (age 17) thanking her Japanese fans. Thanks to Nazuna who has the original record.
Added a video clip of Daniel running on sports day.
Apr 12th 1999 Minor changes to FAQ and HomePage
Mar 8th 1999 Added a handwritten letter from Tracy to her Japanese fans (1972)
Mar 6th 1999 Added clips from a 1994 Japanese TV show about Tracy Hyde.
Thanks to Nazuna
Feb 8th 1999 Added several new Reviews of Melody to the FAQ
Added background information on the Making of Melody to the FAQ
Thanks to Kirsty MacDonald for contributing both these additions.
Jan 27th 1999 Added Melody Soundtrack Lyrics Page
Jan 24th 1999 Additions to faq.  Thanks to Nazuna & Kirsty M.
Jan 16th 1999 Added a picture of Tracy & Jack in Alice
Repaired a few more broken links.
Jan 14th 1999 Added links to Mark Lester & Jack Wild sites.
Added Sound Bite from Oliver
Jan 12th 1999 Repaired numerous broken links. Fixed problem with Discussion List.
Jan 11th 1999 Almost ready for Prime-Time. Uploaded site to server.
Dec 28th 1998 Started building web site. (Got FrontPage98 for Christmas)