Case animatronics (android version) full gameplay

so many jumpscare there 😐

CASE: Animatronics is a creepy and challenging stealth horror game in the first person perspective. The control of the police department at the hands of hackers is not named. All exits are locked. The electricity is turned off. There was a metallic bang approaching. Can Detective Bishop survive? Welcome to the police department, working late at night can lead to tragic consequences. You are John Bishop, a hard-working detective who always investigates late into the night. You are again disturbed on a night of rest that is filled with anxiety and nightmares due to strange calls from old friends, overturning your entire world.
The electricity of your police department is cut off from the substation. The security system has been hacked. All exits are locked. But that is not the main problem.

Someone, SOMETHING, follows you. Bright red eyes on a dark corner, and a clattering sound of metal echoed throughout the hall which was once safe. You only know they are called animatronics, but something strange and creepy controls them. Find out what has happened, survive at night, and find the person responsible for this madness.

Thanks for watcing 😊


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