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Cycling gear mentioned:
1. Koss Porta Pro Wireless Headphones:
2. Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag:
3. SKREAM Bikes:

Questions answered in this fixed gear Q&A:

1. What do you think about brake laws?
2. How often do you ride off-road? Thoughts on fixed gravel?
3. Can a good fixed gear bike frame withstand bad road conditions?
4. Thoughts on conversions?
5. 26.0 vs. 31.8 mm bars and stems? Why is 31.8mm becoming more popular?
6. Have you ever had someone road rage at you while you were riding your bike?
7. How do you get rid of anxiety while riding in the road?
8. Earphones or portable speaker for riding?
9. What are some bike jobs for teenagers?
10. What’s your gear setup as you travel through Asia?
11.Gloves or no gloves?
12. What do you think about SKREAM Bikes?

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Marek Dravecky

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