The Flydigi Wasp 2 game controller now works with Android smartphones after an app update, so I’ve tested and re-reviewed with some PubG Mobile on the OnePlus 7 Pro. Here’s how to connect and setup your Wasp 2 with any compatible Android handset over Bluetooth, and get gaming with a serious advantage over your rivals.

This updated 2019 Flydigi gamepad is one of the best around for PubG thanks to the smart design, which allows a combination of physical and touch controls. The setup process is a bit long-winded for any non-iPhones, involving enabling developer options and USB debugging – but it’s worth it. I’ve tested this new Wasp controller on a couple of Android phones now and it’s a positive review all-round. Comfort levels for extended gaming sessions and the latency-free connectivity make it ideal for all-day PubG action. You can map those buttons to suit your own personal playing style, with the likes of auto-fire options for smart customisation.

Are you using the new Wasp 2? Let us know what you think, or your own alternative suggestion for the best Android game controller right now.

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