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Finally a full review of the most talked about G-Shock of 2019, the GA2100. Also known as Casio Royal Oak and AP G-Shock, The GA-2100 has gotten a lot of attention from people that are not into G-Shocks usually, and that is the result of a much cleaner and simpler design of this model. It looks a lot more serious, and less like a toy. I personally LOVE the design and love the size! The GA 2100 comes in more and more color variations meaning Casio is aware of it’s success. Although I got this all black version that looks the coolest, if I were to buy again, I would got for the regular black and white, as the legibility on this is pretty poor for everyday wear!
Since the design is bound to become iconic, I REALLY REALLY wish Casio makes a METAL SHROUD AND BRACELET version as well, as that would be a true TOUGH AND AFFORDABLE ROYAL OAK G-Shock!!
I will also be posting a full tutorial on how to setup and use all the functions of the module 5611 that is in this watch so stay tuned…

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