This folding GPS FPV camera drone uses common 2.4Ghz WiFi, and should be compatible with most smart phones. Find it here

– Folding GPS drone with automatic return to home and landing capability on command, loss of signal, or low battery.
– 8520 brushed motors are powerful, and cheap/easy to find should you need to replace them.
– Records 1080p video directly to a microSD card. No WiFi video frame dropping on this one. And the video quality looks reasonably good for a toy drone.
– Bright front LED lights, can be used at night to illuminate video (up close only).
– Real time in-flight video can be viewed and recorded to your smartphone using the “CSJ GPS” app available on Google Play here and iTunes here App also provides advanced capabilities of follow me, circle position, and waypoint flying, although how well they work may depend on the quality of your phone.
– FPV video is transmitted via common 2.4Ghz WiFi. It should work and be compatible with most phones.
– 3.7V 1800mah battery provides about 11 minutes of flight time per charge.

– Brushed motors, will need to eventually be replaced.
– I couldn’t get waypoint flying to work with the app.
– Although the app’s Follow Me feature does work, it would cause the drone to fly with erratic movement, with resulting jerky video.
– The drone’s 2.4Ghz controller interferes with the WiFi FPV reception. This causes short FPV range. The manufacturer realized that, and included default 30 meter geofence to keep the drone within FPV range. However, the geofence can be turned off if you wish to venture in long range line of sight flying. Video recording will still be maintained through the SD card should you lose FPV signal.
– Low battery automatic return to home will maintain whatever altitude the drone is at when activated. So be careful when flying in low battery state and make sure that there are no obstrcutions between the drone and its landing pad on the return route.

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