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IMOU Ranger Pro Wifi Camera Review + IMOU App Connection. A really good cam regarding it’s feature set, it’s type, market segment and a price. Comparing to many other cameras, I can highlight a microSD support up to a 128 gigabytes, along with the H.265 codec compression rate support, that saves us some significant poece of memory on the microSD. There also is a smart tracking technology, and I find the app highly convenient and user-friendly. I like the service, so it’s a yes to me and I think it’s yes to you. Anyways, we got a lot of videos featuring home security cameras, so you can select any, and we got a lot of stuff to compare on a Pipl Systems Store within a special offers and worldwide delivery for our subscribers.

IMOU Ranger Pro and many other different surveillance equipment are available on the Pipl Systems Store: – get your special offer by specifying you’re subscribed as you order 🙂

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