My second full day in Seoul, South Korea continued as my group and I took a trip to the Korean War Memorial Museum and then went to go have some Buddhist temple food for dinner! Come along with me as my friends and I continue to explore the city of Seoul!
I love war memorial museums. They’re fascinating to visit. This museum is all about the commemorating the lives lost during the Korean War, which took place from 1950 to 1954. The museum opened in 1994 and aims to teach lessons that prevent war and hopes to lead to the reunification of North and South Korea.
The hall Sam and I visited contained lots of old cars and planes, cannons, tanks, buggies, and cars from the old-school presidents. There were Soviet tanks from World War II that dated back to 1939.
On the third level is the Korean War Room, which contains a memorial to all of the countries that contributes and the people who lost their lives in the war. You can see weapons like rifles, rocket launchers, machine guns, and knives on display, and well as army uniforms from all the countries that participated in the war.
The room also tells you how many people were involved from each nation. 1.8 million soldiers came from the U.S., 36,000 of whom lost their lives. It was all very fascinating and very sad at the same time.
After our museum visit, it was time for dinner! I was loving the food in Korea, so I couldn’t wait to eat! The restaurant serves Buddhist monastic food. We started with 3 appetizers: a rice porridge with peanuts, kimchi soup, and a mystery one that looked like it contained fruit.
The was like a rice-y oatmeal! I loved it! Next was the kimchi soup, which was pretty potent and sour. The huge, cherry-like fruit burst in my mouth and was like a lychee!
Then, we moved on to 4 more dishes: a bean curd, kimchi cucumber, mung bean jelly with lotus fruit, and a green leaf. The kimchi cucumber wasn’t great, so I moved on to the mung bean jelly, which was also pretty bland. The leaves tasted like a non-ripe mango, and the bean curd had small grains in it and was like watered-down mashed potatoes. All in all, it wasn’t my favorite course.
Next, we hit the main course of six dishes: two Korean pancakes, a mushroom dumpling, tofu, vegetables, noodles, and something similar to plantains. The plantain-like dish had a delicious sweet and sour glaze on it. The noodles were cold and stuck together, with mushrooms and a creaminess I couldn’t identify. But it was tasty!
Then was some dense tofu, but it wasn’t very flavorful. The dumpling was nice and earthy. The first pancake was like a potato and onion pancake, while the second was made of lots of veggies. There were lots of herbs!
Next were bamboo with a spicy coating and a crunchy lotus. Then was a soybean paste soup, lotus leaf with sticky rice, 5 types of banchan, and spicy mushrooms. The soup had a rich broth and fermented flavor. I tried the sticky rice with the different banchan. My favorite was the spicy herb! There was also a crunchy, moist kimchi.
Then, it was dessert time! Like everything else, it was very simple and consisted of two dried kiwi slices and a red tea. The tea was more like tinted water, but I loved the dried kiwi. Not my favorite meal, but a fun experience.
Then, we headed to the temple next door! It was very colorful and was decorated with lots of lanterns for the Buddha’s birthday! Everything was lit up and we had a great view of the Golden Buddhas!
I hope you loved coming with me to the Korean War Museum and to my Buddhist monastic dinner! If you did, please give it a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss my upcoming videos!
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