Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Make Money Creating Your Own Amazon Affiliate Niche Site
আপনারা যারা অনলাইনে আয়ের মাধ্যম খুঁজছেন, তাদের জন্য এই কোর্সটি হতে পারে সম্ভাব্য উৎস। এই কোর্সটি করে আপনি নিজেকে একজন দক্ষ অ্যামাজন অ্যাফিলিয়েটর হিসেবে তৈরি করতে পারবেন এবং প্রতি মাসে ৫০০ থেকে ১০০০ ডলার আয় করতে পারবেন।
কোর্সটি কিনতে ক্লিক করুন-

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এই কোর্সে আপনি যা যা শিখতে পারবেন-
Lecture-01:What is Amazon Affiliate
Lecture-02:Why Amazon Affiliate
Lecture-03:Niche research
Lecture-04:Selecting the right Amazon Niche
Lecture-05:Using to generate niche ideas

Lecture-06:Mining eBay and Alibaba for niche ideas
Lecture-07:Mining Alibaba for niche ideas
Lecture-08:Using to generate niche ideas
Lecture-09:Seasonal and reasonal interest of a product
Lecture-10:Using Google AdWords Keyword Planner for niche research

Lecture-11:Niche research beginning to ending
Lecture-12:Keyword Research
Lecture-13:Online buying process
Lecture-14:Buyer and non buyer keywords
Lecture-15:Keyword commercial intent

Lecture-16:Best keywords for Amazon niche site
Lecture-17:Keyword idea generation
Lecture-18:Tools for idea generate
Lecture-19:Keyword competition
Lecture-20:Keyword research final words

Lecture-21:Domain Registration
Lecture-22:Getting a domain
Lecture-23:Getting a hosting
Lecture-24:Understanding DNS matter
Lecture-25:Set up WordPress

Lecture-26:Permalink Settings
Lecture-27:Reading and discussion settings
Lecture-28:Plugin install
Lecture-30:Creating your first Amazon website

Lecture-31:Writing a privacy policy for Amazon niche site
Lecture-32:Amazon affiliate disclosure
Lecture-33:Menu bar
Lecture-34:Set up basic SEO using Yoast
Lecture-35:Review writing

Lecture-36:Best theme for amazon affiliate niche site
Lecture-37:Setup Google Analytics
Lecture-38:Google web master setup
Lecture-39:Account creation basic
Lecture-40:Create your amazon associates account

Lecture-41:Payment information
Lecture-42:How to collect Link and place it to your website
Lecture-43:How to be safe on amazon
Lecture-44:How to promote amazone affiliate niche site by youtube
Lecture-45:Set up Your YouTube Channel

Lecture-46:What type of video we can create
Lecture-47:YouTube video SEO for ranking on YouTube and Google
Lecture-48:Pinterest marketing for amazon niche site
Lecture-50:Pinterest limit

Lecture-51:Twitter marketing for amazon niche site
Lecture-52:Create account on twitter
Lecture-53:What should I post on twitter
Lecture-54:Scheduling Tweets, Adding Images and More
Lecture-55:Making Hashtags Work for You

Lecture-56:Build Your Twitter Followers
Lecture-57:Set up Your Facebook Page Part 1
Lecture-58:Shopping tab on facebook
Lecture-59:What should I post on facebook
Lecture-60:Running a Likes Campaign Part 1

Lecture-61:Using question and answer site
Lecture-62:Using Forum
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