The long awaited Offerup review is here. So, Offerup vs Letgo which is better? Well you might be surprised to learn that both apps have some pretty awesome advantages, and with all the new updates in 2019, these two selling apps definitely top my list.

If you look back on offer up reviews 2018, you see there were major changes added, like Offerup shipping and new rules to curve fake buyer reviews. These Changes have led to a much better experience on both the Letgo and Offerup app.

I would also suggest reading Offerup reviews BBB, to get a closer look at the challenges sellers face when buying and selling through these types of apps. Another great source of information is Offerup reviews reddit, you will find some pretty interesting points of view, when it comes to Offerup issues.

The last thing I will mention, is you should watch out for fake buyers and sellers! There are a number of Offer up scams that will lead to a really poor experience for new buyers, so please avoid taking risks and don’t be afraid to take advice from other buyers and sellers online.

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