Here are our final thoughts on the Oculus Quest after using it for about 1 month. The goal of this video is to let you know who we think this headset is for and whether you should buy it.
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How does it perform and does the price justify it? We will answer that in this video.

If you already own the Quest, then we would love to know if you agree with us. If not, why not? Let us know down below. Maybe it will help someone else too.

00:30 – Oculus Quest introduction
01:41 – Oculus Quest look & feel
02:38 – Oculus Quest comfort
03:52 – Oculus Quest performance
04:44 – Oculus Quest display / lenses / SDE / godrays / FOV
05:54 – Oculus Quest inside-out tracking
07:39 – Oculus Quest new guardian system & passthrough
08:57 – Oculus Quest content store
09:21 – Oculus Quest graphics (Robo Recall side-by-side comparison)
10:09 – Oculus Quest battery life & external batteries
10:35 – Oculus Quest controllers (compared to the originals)
11:11 – Oculus Quest audio & microphone
12:23 – Oculus Quest conclusion

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VR on!
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