2 outdoor pots plants designs for your garden

Hand painitng pots plants

Hand painting concrete pot is a cylindrical concrete pot with a rustic beauty, simple but unique and artistic, sustainable with a suitable time for every living space. Hand painting concrete pot is the creative effort of artisans to create a lightweight, durable and very attractive, impressive concrete pot.

Cement handpainting pots

Choosing concrete flower pots from Hietagarden for garden decoration, patios, windows or indoors is a smart layout that not only helps your home space become stylish, impressive but costly to consume for pots This is also extremely reasonable. Hand painting concrete pot a simple cylindrical concrete pot but that simplicity itself is an impressive highlight for the space it presents. Possessing a somewhat monotonous appearance, the harmonious combination keeps the symmetrical motifs and the striking color of the pot still exuding sophistication and beauty. With minimal architectural trends, Hand painting concrete pot will be an impressive highlight for your living and working space.

Hand painting outdoor pots plants is made of fiberglass concrete material, a new material has many outstanding advantages compared to previous types of pots. The pot is very durable, does not crack and is suitable for all weather conditions, because the surface has been treated and perfected, washing acid during the production process so that the pot will not become moldy and water permeable. The outstanding feature of fiberglass concrete is that the pot is very durable, the surface of the pot if not treated will be quite similar to natural stone. Hand painting concrete pot is environmentally friendly material so users can feel secure when choosing to arrange and plant trees.

As you know, concrete pot is flexible in size, including 3 sizes of 40x40x38; 30x30x28; 20x20x18. Depending on the location you want to choose to decorate, you can choose the right size pots. With a wide range of sizes, Hand painting concrete pot can be arranged on the patio, windows or desks are suitable. Whether in any space or any place, the beauty but the equally beautiful of Hand painting concrete pot will still brighten your space, making the house become much more luxurious and beautiful.

Thus, this concrete pots not only help design garden landscaping, embellish living space and work more beautifully, but also bring users a spacious, new and alternative space and close to nature.

Information about hand painting concrete pot in this link: https://hietagarden.com/cement-pots/
– Material: Glass fiber concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Color: Black coordinates blue.
– Modern, sophisticated and luxurious design
– Used for living room, lobby, office, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 40x40x38; 30x30x28; 20x20x18

Big bowl outdoor pots plants

Big outdoor fiber cement pot will help your house always full of flavor, fresh and more impressive. Sometimes you can use it as a fresh green decoration for your home.

For nature lovers and especially the fresh beauty of plants, surely it is impossible not to know the wonderful use of pots. Big outdoor fiber cement pot is the modern and lovely concrete bonsai pots designed bo bo in the base is very eye-catching and cute. Big outdoor fiber cement pot is often applied to the decoration and design of architectural works, contributing to regenerating the landscape, decorating the house more vividly.

big bowl pots plants

Big outdoor bowl pot is made from modern, safe fiberglass concrete material, suitable for all kinds of small natural ornamental plants. The reason for choosing fiberglass concrete is because it is a new material, highly durable, quite light and can withstand well under all weather conditions, very suitable for planting or layout outside. You will enjoy a peaceful elegant life in a European style with the highlight of the pots of Big outdoor fiber cement pot in your interior and exterior space.

Big outdoor bowl cement pot from Hieta garden possesses soft, light gray colors that easily cause sympathy to the viewers, as well as with their simple style, this type of pots will be easy to coordinate the layout in many designs. Different interior spaces. The simple round shape in the base that is ethereal is one of the factors that makes Big outdoor fiber cement popular among those looking for plant pots.
Along with the elegant and rustic design style, Big outdoor fiber cement pot is also very diverse in size for consumers to have the choice suitable for the layout space as well as their aesthetic trend. With three separate sizes, users can freely choose and apply, arranged outside the garden, hallways, furniture, desks are suitable.
With this beautiful potted plant, you can cultivate a variety of small and beautiful ornamental plants and bring nature into space, contributing to embellishing the living and working space and adding freshness and charm. The rustic and exquisite beauty of Big outdoor fiber cement pot will help you have more choices for your home, this is also a meaningful gift for relatives and friends.

Information about Big outdoor fiber cement pot:https://hietagarden.com/fiberstone-pots/
– Material: Glass fiber concrete – 70% lighter than natural stone material
– Color: gray.
– Simple, exquisite and luxurious design
– Used for living room, lobby, office, …
– Produced according to European standards in Vietnam
– Size: 66 × 33; 50 × 25; 36x19cm