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Just when you were starting to wrap your head around 4K TV, 8K is here. Samsung is one of the first in Canada to release a consumer TV with 8K resolution. We’ll take a look at what 8K is and how it compares to 4K TV, or your old HD TV, plus what this particular model, the 75″ 2019 Samsung 8K QLED Q900R is like in person. It’s got some additional features that make it an interesting upgrade too.

The design of this TV is pretty standard as far as new TVs go; it’s got an ultra thin bezel or frame, and while it’s thin, it’s not as impossibly thin as some of the other TVs you may be seeing out there—that’s because it uses Samsung’s Quantum Dot and 8K Direct Full Array technology, which lights up your picture in the most precise way. It uses LEDS directly behind the image that are points of light that individually turn on and off. This precise control improves contrast, reduces blooming and makes bright scenes really pop. It comes with legs that look like they shouldn’t be able to hold up a TV of this size, and you can adjust their position to be wider or narrower, or you can wall mount it. As this TV is on loan to me, I’m keeping it here in the threatre temporarily on its legs.

Set up: Samsung 8K QLED Q900R

Getting this TV set up is straight forward. You should first connect Samsung’s One Connect box. This box is basically the brains of the TV; and the box is big and heavy. Fortunately, it uses a near invisible cable and you can set the box far from the TV if you want; in a cabinet or even another room thanks to IR technology that means it doesn’t need to be in line of sight. The one cable links the TV to the box and the box is where you’ll connect all your peripherals. This is great for wall mounting, because you don’t have to have your streamers, consoles and peripherals or all the associated cables, right under the TV.

You’ll power things up and the Samsung 8K QLED Q900R will walk you though the set up. You’ll sign into your home’s Wi-Fi so you can access streaming, and log into your Samsung account if you have one.

You can then connect any streaming devices or peripherals you’d like although it’s worth pointing out the TV has Roku and Apple TV built in, plus Netflix, YouTube and more.

One other note. I connected the Samsung 8K QLED Q900R to a Samsung Sound bar and sub woofer for maximum audio quality; the HW-Q70R. Overall review of Samsung 8K QLED Q900R

amazing video picture
stunning detail
Ambient mode
One Connect box

lack of available content
will viewers really see the improvement over 4K?

Overall, I can’t say enough about this TV. It’s obviously got the best quality video picture on the market, I love Ambient mode, and the One connect box is so handy when you’re trying to set up a stylish media room.
Any downsides? When it comes to the video and the overall quality, no. We can talk about the price, since this TV is extraordinarily expensive at about $9,000. Yup, this is basically a 10K TV. LOL

The lack of content is definitely going to be offputting, but on the Pro side that upscaling works amazingly well and helps the TV justify the fact it’s pretty far ahead of the curve.
Another thing I wonder about is at what point do we lose the ability to really see the difference between 4K and 8K? Some people might not think the video is that much better, but all the rest of the technology built in, especially the features for gamers again might make it worthwhile.

If you’ve got the funds for this TV, you’re not going to be disappointed with it, I assure you.


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