The Yeelight Candela has been out for a while, but I’m finally having a look at it! It’s an ambient light that can be controlled over Bluetooth with the Yeelight APP; but is it any good?
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The candela is a LED-based “candle-like-light” that is really intended to be used as an ambient light; so it does not light up your whole room like a regular lightbulb would do.
The Candela is battery powered and comes with a built-in 2100 mAh battery that lasts for about 8 hours and can be charged through it’s integrated micro USB port in the bottom of the lamp.

The top of the candela can be rotated to adjust its brightness and when rotating that left-right quickly it can set the light to a flickering-mode which simulates candlelight. On the bottom of the candela there’s a switch to turn candela on/off and to set it to Bluetooth mode.
When Bluetooth is enabled you can remotely set the brightness and turn it on/off using the “Yeelight” APP. You can also recall a number of presets from the APP, however, all that does is set a certain brightness percentage. Unfortunately, you can’t set the flickering light through the APP as you would have to physically do that on the lamp itself.

One downside is that the Candela does not connect to a Bluetooth HUB (yet?) to control the light over WiFi. It would be very cool to be able to voice control the lights using Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Xiao-Ai, but on the Yeelight website, it is mentioned that this is in development. (Not sure how long this would take them, and if they actually commit to doing so…)

Overall I do like the Candela. It’s looks and materials both look and feel great, and although it is not that bright, it is bright enough for its purpose. If they can just tackle the main issue I have with it: connecting to a Bluetooth Hub, I think it’s a very cool light to have!

The Yeelight Candela was crowdfunded a while back and is being sold through the Xiaomi stores as well as Yeelight’s Amazon stores. If you want to know more you can have a look at the Yeelight website here:


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